About Melissa De Silva

Hi there. My name is Melissa De Silva. I’m what I call a “heritage” Eurasian, people who have been of mixed European and Asian descent since colonial times in Asia.

As the world rushes by: Myself on a trip to Bangalore, India.

As the world rushes by: Myself in Bangalore, India.

I write stories about the Eurasian experience, past, present and even future (see my upcoming story about the last two Eurasians, set an imaginary future Singapore, in the excellent LONTAR: Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction out in October 2016, www.lontarjournal.com).

Eurasians in Singapore  is dedicated to our community’s stories— big, small, sad, scary, uncomfortable even—so we can remember and celebrate our identity as Eurasians.


3 thoughts on “About Melissa De Silva

    • Hi Alan, why don’t you try googling it? Maybe a search like ‘origins Danker surname’ or something like that? I’m not sure but it sounds Dutch or German to me..


  1. Tks for your advice. I remember a long time ago, in a library book on Eurasians in South East Asia, there was a statement that stated the likelihood of Danker being Dutch in origin. Cheers again!


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